Punch Television Studios Appoints Rachel Ramos as VP of Punch Television Community

Punch Television Studios / Punch Animation, Inc. (OTCMKTS:URBT) CEO, Joseph Collins said He's “thrilled” to announce Rachel Ramos as The brand new Vice chairman of Punch TV Studios’ broadcast division, Punch Tv set.

“Ramos is surely an inspiration to the studio, the community, the community and also to her workforce,” Collins explained.

“With nearly ten years of committed commitment to Punch Television Studios, Rachel Ramos has exactly what it will require to be VP and accountable for every aspect of the network. The accomplishment of the new vital position is vital, as Punch TV Studios transitions into IPO 2.0, and gives stock in the business at $1.00 per share…”

Ramos began her career at Punch TV as Receptionist for that Director of Communications in 2009. Along with her passion and vision rapidly shifting her up the ranks, she soon stepped as much as director of communications, govt director and on to govt director of Investor Relations, exactly where her supervision more than the working day-to-day operations of Punch Tv set Studios IPO, supported the corporate’s progress and added to The underside line in the studio. With her deal with strategic purpose setting and scheduling, in conjunction with her contributions to even more the company’s aims, substantial working experience, crucial alliances, and intricate expertise in Punch Television Studios’ corporation and culture, has manufactured Rachel Ramos the jump out option in this type of critical posture as VP of Punch TV Network.

“Rachel Ramos would be the quintessential Punch Tv set Studios workforce member. She will be the prototype of what I try to find in an executive,” Collins described.

“She is somebody that is devoted to the accomplishment of the business, someone that understands and believes in the business’s vision, and someone who has the rare & distinctive capability to include her individual beliefs, strengths and experiences seamlessly into the organization. With this vital situation stuffed, I'm enthusiastic to be able to deal with IPO 2.0, another evolution on the Punch TV Studios IPO, And that i am beyond self-confident that IPO two.0 and the business will probably be thriving with Rachel Ramos on the helm as VP of Punch Television set Network.”

Ramos’ new position is also Excellent news for Punch Animation, Inc. (OTMKTS:URBT) the animation division of Punch Tv set Studios. She is going to give attention to acquiring animated series and movies for syndication by way of Punch Television set Community, together with famous animators Floyd Norman and Leo Sullivan.

Additionally, to her occupation at Punch Tv set Studios, Ramos has actually been a tireless advocate with the empowerment of women, most notably within the multi-cultural and urban communities. As being a Latina her place as VP of Punch Television Network enables her the opportunity to use her abilities and abilities to carry on to offer back again for the Hispanic Neighborhood she enjoys. Her perseverance, coupled with her creativeness, implies continued alternatives for that beneath-served Latina community. Her awareness and working experience has set the bar high for Many others to aspire to, and her accomplishment is actually a testimony to more info her perseverance and dedication to the vision of Punch Television set Studios.

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